Embossed Printing

We guarantee that your printed piece gives you a top notch style with our embossed printing services, Mumbai. Embossed is utilized to add class and profundity to business cards, presentation folders, invitation, letterheads or any printed pieces where you need to include that additional individual touch. Our expert customs emboss designers will “raise the level” of your printed pieces and help your image emerge.

It is the methodology by which the paper surface is pushed forward utilizing a metal dye. Embossing is the point at which you raise a picture to make 3D realistic. This printing is ideally used in printing Business cards and letterheads so that it will add interest and texture.


It is available in variety of die styles, but with different appearance and optimal use based on the element being embossed.

  • Buvelled dies – good for in-depth embossed effects
  • Round dies – offer an image, looked curved edges
  • Sculptured dies – using many layers, it offers 3D effect
  • Flat dies – straight edge good for embossed type

Where to use embossing?

Embossing is a technique and looks perfect for a top-class printing. One can use this embossing for,

  • Greeting cards
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Envelopes and Letterheads
  • Invitations
  • Post cards

Elements, images, text in the design can be embossed. The effective embossing design uses a detailed die and high-quality paper stock to highlight the in-depth embossed graphics.

How to plan embossed brochure?

This type of embossing prints a pattern on 2 sides in a paper. Few things are to remember,

  • Create high details on few papers, other papers offer a deeper and bolder image
  • Embossing looks good on thick paper stock

Types of Embossing – you can choose according to your interest

There are various types of embossing available in the printing sector. One can choose the type with regards to their purpose.

  • Single-level (image is raised to one flat level) and multi-level embossing (image is raised to multiple levels with different depth)
  • Blind Emboss – is one which is not stamped with a printed picture or with a foil. The shade of the decorated picture is the same as the shade of the surface. You can likewise call it a self-embossing
  • Sculptured Emboss: it is a hand tooled process it requires a photograph or a drawing to make the image appear as realistic.
  • Debossing – in which the image surface is depressed
  • Glazing is a popular method that uses dark colored stock

We have the capacity to handle the project from short to major production. We offer all kinds of embossing services like card, letterhead, folder and book embossing services. Our customer service and support team is responsive, friendly and more attentive.