Screen Printing

Our screen printing services Mumbai are retail prepared. With this printing, we utilize plastisol which is the standard ink. It is enduring, prudent and takes into consideration lively hues on your articles of clothing. Print on any shading piece of clothing. Cost: Less Expensive to more costly, contingent upon the quantity of hues printed. It is meant for a most standard print of logos, illustrations, and content. It Yields Vibrant, Professional Quality Prints.

Screen printing standards

Screen printing is a type of stenciling that initially structured in China it was then used by other Asian nations like Japan and was promoted by making more up to date techniques. The printing process utilizes a permeable cross section extended firmly over a casing made of wood or metal. Legitimate pressure is a key to exact shading enrolment.

Why to choose screen printing for companies?

  • It gives high durability. The print will not be affected by the weather nor be peeled off
  • Size modification and image scaling up to high and low is possible
  • It is possible with all fabrics ex, t-shirts, banners, hats and promotional banners
  • Screen printing on bulk orders gives huge savings on your production rate

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