Foil Stamp Printing

Print your business with our unique design of foil stamp printing Mumbai. It uses metallic or pigmented foil onto a strong surface by utilization of a heated dye onto foil, making it for all time stick to the surface beneath leaving the configuration of the ink.

Foil stamping /fame printing utilizes heat, weight, metal and coil/ film. The foil comes in a wide arrangement of hues, completions, and optical impacts.

Metallic foil is most commonly used today – especially gold foil, silver foil, copper foil, and holographic metallic foils – yet thwart rolls are additionally accessible in strong hues in both polished and matte finishes.

In olden days stamping was done utilizing hand-set lettering with foil stamping guidelines. Since it was so time-consuming it was principally confined to book covers and scholarly titles. To print gold content on a book spread, printers utilized separate textual styles of lead or metal sort.

Types of foil stamping

Multi-level/ sculptured foil stamping: in this method the image is raised from its surface so that the image is exposed in detail. This stamping is an expensive task because it gives almost the exact image.

Cold foil stamping: it is a modern technology in the foil printing world. It enhances the value of the final product. This printing is broadly divided into two ways they are old dry lamination process and new wet lamination process. The wet lamination process is a cost-effective process. This requires an ink which is UV-curable with fast lamination adhesive and is widely used in flexographic web printing or offset sheet-fed printing.